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World Under Water

Written for Strange Town and Edinburgh Thrive, 'World Under Water' was part of a monologue series released for World Mental Health Day 2020. Performed by Mirren Wilson and filmed by Media Education, World Under Water is an uplifting meditation on too much time spent in the bath, rediscovering creativity and adjusting to new environments.

WATCH THE MONOLOGUE HERE at Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival

New Audio Work: 'ecotone'

In light of lockdown, Isla embraced the opportunity to expand her practice into audio work. ecotone was made from Isla's flat, with her own voice, composition and sound effects.


In this immersive audio work, time and narrative are turned upside down as the listener slowly leaves the human behind. Using spoken word and multispecies storytelling inspired by Donna Haraway and Anna Tsing, ecotone breaks down the binaries of human and nature, self and other, in a fragmentary assemblage. A meeting ground of sound, words and wonder.

ecotone was first developed as part of the Making Space festival for Scottish Youth Theatre.




'Cowan has taken millennia-old source material and constructed a play that is fresh and resonant'

Theatre Weekly

'A powerhouse on stage, Cowan’s conviction in her performance is as strong as her writing... a masterful piece of poetic writing...'

The Reviews Hub

'The craft of every word in Cowan’s poetry is excellent, the delivery spot on'


'writing at its most raw and most captivating',


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